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For most of us, the holiday season promises health and happiness…For others, the holiday season holds little promise at all.

The Dear Santa Society helps keep the promise of the Christmas season alive, creating happy holiday memories for many special children and their families in Greater Philadelphia, South Jersey and Northwest Ohio. By providing toys, clothing, and food during the holidays for children of families in need, The Dear Santa Society helps to ensure that each child has a smile on his or her face on Christmas morning.

If you are one of the truly lucky ones, then surely you know there are many families who are not so fortunate. There are thousands of families struggling to make ends meet for the holidays. For them, the spirit of Christmas is a distant dream. Although the problem seems overwhelming, you can help.

As a non-profit organization founded in 1989, The Dear Santa Society strives to bring together a community of caring people who care about helping others in their communities!

Dear Santa,

“My name is Kelly Anne... I am seven years old..... My father died three years ago. He always told me he was leaving to talk to you. I remember that he had cancer. I asked you three years ago to have my dad under my Christmas tree. He has never been there. My dad was a good dad. I miss him very much... Does he talk to you now and tell you what we want for Christmas?...If he talks to you, please tell him we love him very much... {lists toys}... If you can't afford to buy them things for us, can you give us our dad back? That would be better than any toys in the whole world.

-- Love, Kelly Anne